English Fellowship

We would like to emphasize that we are a church of life groups as opposed to being a church with a life groups program.  Belonging to a Life Group is something that brings fullness to being part of our church. Meaningful relationships do not develop by simply attending Sunday service only.  We recognize that being a commuter church the role of Life Groups is even more vital to building relationships.  Thus, we highly encourage every person to make an effort to find and join a life group.

As usual, when joining a life group choose what fits best for you depending on your spiritual situation, location, and schedule.  Everyone is free to join ANY Life Group. Current Life Group members can change to another Life Group since it's a new season.  Generally, people will gravitate towards groups of their own age or stage of life or choose a group on the basis of a leader.  However, this is not necessarily all positive as there are benefits of diversity and learning from different kinds of people.  Understanding this and making a decision which group to join may not be obvious, so talking to the pastor or elders is a resource open to you.  The four characteristics of Life Groups are:

 L ively
 I nvigorating
 F un
 E ncouraging

Our Life Groups run from September till May and we take a break for the summer. This season all Life Groups will be studying "More Than Enough: How Jesus meets our deepest Needs." Contact Pastor Raj or Life Group leaders for more specific details timing and location.



Leader Faye Moy

Who we are: We are a co-ed group of "people of a certain age" but NOT of that age, married and single, who don't enjoy fun, good food, and building great relationships.
What we are: Believers and Seekers exploring and sharing our journey in light of the Bible.
When: We meet once a month on Saturdays during the life group season (Sept to May).
Where: At different life group members homes.
Why should you attend: Open to learning/ sharing our Christian walk, like to engage in lively conversation, enjoy eating and yearn to do more with your life.


Men's & Womens Group (mixed couples)

Leaders Pastor Raj & SiYu Chen


Join one of these newly formed groups especially for mixed racial couples.


Young Adult (aka Jerricho)

Joint Leaders


We are meeting every Friday evening at 7 pm at various locations. Our group is lively with lots of energy.


Young Couples Fellowship

Leader Nive Christodoss


The Young Couples Group meets once a month on the weekend and we do have childcare


Near West

Leaders Frank & Hannah Johnson


The Near West Group meets in the Elmhurst area on Friday nights approximately twice a month.


Women's Group

Leader Angela Pullen