Our story: We Walk the spritural journey together


From day one, we were part of the family.

Frank & Hannah Johnson

When my fiancé and I first started looking for a home church, we had different ideas about what we were looking for.  She wanted a diverse church with a sense of family and the potential to grow and connect with young professionals like us.  I was looking for a place to grow in my faith and my understanding of the nuts and bolts of being a Christian.  We both expected that only one of us would get exactly what we were looking for and the other would have to compromise.  Then we found the Chinese Bible Church of Oak Park.  From day one, we were part of the family.  On our first day we were invited to the Friday Team meeting at a member's house for a night of bible study, fellowship and some socializing.  The church made available to us the fellowship and spiritual growth that we needed as a couple and as individuals.  As we grew in faith, we were both baptized at CBCOP.  As we grew closer together, we were married at CBCOP.  And as we grew as a family, all three of kids were dedicated at CBCOP.  One of the most difficult parts for us moving to Chicago was that we had no family in the area.  After 23 years, we have more family then we could have ever hoped for.

This is the place where we met and learned to love and serve God as one unit.

Dennis & Helen Chau

Helen grew up attending the Chinese Bible Church of Oak Park and many uncles and aunties have played a vital part in encouraging her in her spiritual journey. Her parents brought her to CBCOP as a little girl. Helen has fond memories of children's church and youth group because of all the patient and loving teachers and counselors that taught her Bible lessons and stories. She now has the honor and privilege of mentoring some of those teachers' and counselors' children!

Dennis started coming to CBCOP in college and it is where God softened his heart and opened his mind. During his time at CBCOP, Dennis has continued to grow his faith in love and appreciation. His dream is to see CBCOP grow into a community centered church, one his family would be proud to call home.

The Chinese Bible Church of Oak Park has a special place in both of our hearts. Our individual stories and journeys are so different, but this is the place where we met and learned to love and serve God as one unit. Many people at our church invested in our time of dating, mentored us as we embarked on our marriage, and now encourage us as we raise our daughter. We hope and pray that our daughter will come to love and know Jesus in a church that values family and biblical teaching.

If I had to describe CBC in one word, it's "family"

Jeff Moy

I've grown up here at CBC. I have been through the children's church and youth group. So if I had to describe CBC in one word, it's "family". I have always had a strong sense of family here. I truly consider everyone a brother, sister, auntie or uncle and people I can grow and serve with.

After graduating from college, I knew I wanted to serve a caring community. I was able to find that at CBC. There are tremendous amounts of opportunities to serve and develop your gifts here. I never thought I would be serving in the many ways I am now. I am grateful that I was encouraged to do so by many caring leaders and that I'm growing in so many new ways. I know that God is working in all of us to help each other grow here.